Thursday, June 5, 2008

My most challenging wedding so far.

from a lighting perspective. The sun was extremely harsh, directional and splotting through the trees, and the shadows were dark as could be, but I found that I was able to work with it.

Here's wide shot @ 16mm, with no fill flash. This nicely shows how I was pointing literally directly into the sun. (See how the shadow on the pathway appears to be a strait line toward me.) I used a strong fill with a scope to overcome the backlighting, something I've never done to that extent before, and it actually made for nice photos. You can see more examples in the Jump.

These are two of my favorite from the wedding day. The A&M gardens in Azle, TX were absolutely beautiful.

All in all, another successful wedding in the books.

This girl was so cute, she was passing out fans to guests since it was outdoors. It reads "M" for matthews "Katy and Phillip May 30, 2008".

To see more pictures from the shoot click HERE.

Above is the usual link to my facebook album, but I wanted to offer everyone a chance to see all my photos from one wedding. The client's album on my store-site is public. you can visit it here and see all 400+ photos. This is a bold and nervous move for a photographer to do.

-Jonny Carroll

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