Thursday, January 28, 2010

Favorites of 2009

Every January, I'm starting to make a little facebook album with some of my favorites from the prior year. With every opportunity I try to push the envelope, learn more and tweek technique. I'm always trying to improve and even diversify. Because of this, looking back through a year is so fun for me, and I can really see how I've improved, how my style has changed and even pick up old techniques. I thought I'd better make a post before January ended.

Choosing two photos for this post was difficult. I chose this as my portrait to feature because of how captivating it is. Her eyes really draw me in. What I see is sexy but innocent, vulnerable but independent, relaxed and comfortable but confident.

And the lighting set up was extremely simple. None, if I remember correctly (maybe a fill card). Just a perfect natural ambient time of day. I use strobes a lot and it's good to see a successful photo without ever so often.

This shoot was special to me because 2008 was full of sports and journalism, and 2009 hardly had any. This took my growing aerial business which is expanding to all of Texas to Houston and combined it with an NCAA event. Throw in a helicopter with vibrations, FAA regulations, night time and a football game and you've got one heck of a challenge. I loved it.

You can see there entire best of 2009 album on facebook.

-Jonny Carroll

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Never Tapped Out

I took pictures of the 'Never Tapped Out' T-shirts. These were started by Jim Carroll, a christian professional poker player.. of all people, haha.


The idea is that Jesus never tapped out. In the midst of all his bodily pain and suffering, betrayal and humility, he both predicted and willfully chose that path in our place, replacing our penalty for our sins (evilness).. only to rise from the dead and conquer sin.  'Christians' or true christians anyway (harder to come by in the bible belt) believe that through Jesus's/God's grace we were saved from damnation. A pretty neat belief, one that I believe and truly try to live my life by every day. Although I'm no stranger to falling way short of the glory of God... we all are.


Anyway, enough preaching. The purpose behind the shirts is not to look cool or boast. (by the way..boasting that you're a christian is like boasting that you wore diapers as a child and relied on your parents to clean up your waste). But the idea is to spark conversation with someone who might ask about the shirts. Whether it be at a poker table, dinner table or where ever. As a true christian, the opportunity to share the Gospel (the good news of mankind's salvation) is a blessing from God. I personally want everyone I know to feel the love I feel from the Lord. Hence this rather 'religious' post. If you want to know more, please ask.

If you want a t-shirt, I believe you can get them free with shipping. They operate on donations.
Go to:

-Jonny Carroll

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sarah and AJ

Sarah and Aj were a great couple. Sarah kept up with me on facebook (or stalked me, either way) and wanted to take advantage of my holiday discounts.

The shoot was in Denton, TX at the square. Always a great location and a place they loved.

The day was pretty cold. Really cold actually. They were pretty tough about it, but we certainly had no shortage of hugging to keep warm shots, which are always the cutest.

We made our way to the sunlight.

Then out of the wind.

We seemed to like purple this day mostly because Sarah was wearing purple, so wondered over to the purple building. But in editing I found it prettier as a blue-purple.

We joked how this was the 'cleavage shot'. If we can be honest for a second, we can all admit that in moderation it is visually appealing in photographs, so if you can work it, why not? After all, I don't think AJ minded, lol.

And of course the romantic sun-poke-through silhouette shot. A great way to end a great shoot. Although I'm pretty sure they ended it with some warm JJ's pizza on the square, which is also a great ending.

-Jonny Carroll

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stroobandt Wedding

Shot a wedding this last month of a lovely couple from Belgium. The bride was born here in the US, so they decided to have the wedding at their parents house in Highland Village, TX.

The groom:

mom and dad

They had skype so family could watch who couldn't make it.

The license

The rings.

It was a great wedding. It was neat to observe another culture and even fill them in on a few american wedding cultures. Sarah came along and assisted on the shoot. It was great to have her there too.

-Jonny Carroll

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Marina aerial photos

These were taken for International marinas, a company with large marinas all over the US. What better place is there for boating than Dallas, TX. Warm nearly year round and full of lakes.

These were taken at Lake Lewisville and Lake Grapevine near the airport.

Flying low over water is always a tricky situation. First, it requires special life vest that meet FAA standards, second, you have major reflections coming off the water, and of course the risk of no landing spot in the case of engine failure.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cantrell Family

This holiday season I had the pleasure of shooting with the Cantrell family. We took family portraits shot at Veteran's Park in Arlington, Texas.

We were lucky enough to get a warm day, relatively. Everyone seemed to enjoy the shoot, but none more than this little one.

The parents

The girl siblings. A good lookin family.

-Jonny Carroll
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tycha Bridals

I was lucky enough to shoot at the gaylord, which has essentially shut down photoshoot by changing a $xxxx fee, but Tycha works there, so it was waived!!!

It was like an enormous photo studio. We were stopped by security and had to present our photo pass. :)

First stop, a life-size enormous ginger bread house. This spot had great color, and was unique, but turned out to be a little more of a challenge than I had expected. First off, there were sugar icicles hanging, which looked really neat, but in the portraits, looked like they were lethal sharp pointy objects about to fall on my model, so a crop and tight shot was nessesary and also took away the chances of showing the whole house.

Then, because of the ginger bread porch canopy, all the blue and other candy was in shadow. I stuck a strobe back there at 1/8th power with a small diffuser, pointed it up and it lit up the inside quite nicely.

This was the photo that Tycha chose to be displayed large at the reception. Before photoshopping, there was a strange and distracting white streaks on her face. It turned out to be a reflection from her earrings. Never had that happen before, has anyone else reading? twas quite interesting.

Like I said, the whole place was like an enormous studio. This spot looked like a castle, especially the wide angle shot.

I forgot to mention, Tycha scheduled the shoot intentionally near christmas because they had a winter wedding. This would explain the trees, ginger bread house and etc.

Tycha knew the place pretty well, this was at a restaurant / bar inside the hotel. At least I think that's what it was.

Gotta love the sun flare shots, I love how it was coming through the window here. If I remember correctly, I think it was a little chilly outside.

And you can't go to the Gaylord Texas without a little Texas flare. We busted out the boots and hat for the final photo to wrap up the shoot. Until next post, Yeeeee-haaaahh.

ps. I'd like to thank Jason Chinnock who assisted me on this shoot.

-Jonny Carroll

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Monday, January 4, 2010

C.H. Collins Stadium - Ryan vs Guyer

The big game day was in last month here in Denton, TX.
A title game and it was Denton Ryan High School vs Denton Guyer High School.

I was called out to take aerial photos of the game. I had a tight schedule that day, so I was actually picked up and dropped off in a field that I was close by, with the property owners permission of course.

How cool is that?!?!?!

Anyway, here is the result:

Is was a great shoot. A pretty day, and I heard the game was pretty exciting. I had a few friends who attended, Who all reading this was there? I'd love to know.

-Jonny Carroll
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Studio Day

Before you judge, my new years resolution is to catch up and keep up with this blog. With that said, just over two months ago on halloween, I had an open studio day. The idea was for people to stop by and get some pictures in their halloween outfit. Worked great, except not many people came in costume. Either way, it was a fun day and a good way to break in the studio.

Here are some of my favorites:

Macey. Macey's sister is Adrian who is shown in a photo below. I've had a couple shoots with Adrian in the past, she's fun, pretty and not camera shy. Macey was a little more shy, but rocked it.

Speaking of rocking it, Andrea did too.

Katie, who came dressed as her grandma. We actually recreated a photo of her grandmother in a similar outfit with similar lighting as a gift for her mother. It was pretty neat, and then she stuck around for some fun shots.

Brad. I love this action shot. Brad is also a photographer. Mostly a video guy and we've worked on stuff together. Him and his girlfriend, Emily came by along with their roommates Charlie and Amanda.

Alexis came in costume, that's for sure. Well, she actually changed into costume. We had a fun shoot in her sexy french maid outfit.

Here's Adrian who I talked about above with Macey. Pretty sisters.

These were all taken at my in-home studio just north of Frisco, TX in Little Elm.
Thanks to everyone who came. Sorry to those others who aren't in the post, I still love you.

-Jonny Carroll

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