Sunday, June 1, 2008

Carolyn Senior Pictures

Known this girl through so many different connections and since before she was in pre-school, I can't believe she's in college now.

She's been bugging me all year to take pics for her, and I've always been a little hesitant to, cause of one of the connections. But I was in (her) town this weekend for mother's day, at her (dads) place, had all my gear, so wth, why not.

The left picture is my favorite from the shoot. The picture to the right seems so iconic of a senior picture, with just a little touch of her high school colors. (gold and black).

The shoot was pretty much improv. Shot at my mother's house in Parker, TX and a near by abandoned house. Overall, I think they turned out great, she was fun to work with and not to mention really pretty.


click here if video is not displaying

See more pictures from the shoot HERE.

-Jonny Carroll

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