Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lillian Bridal Pictures

Lillian and I went to the The Dallas Arboretum for her bridal portraits. It's absolutely beautiful there, I recommend any photographer to go there for portraits.

Sarah was my assitant, as usual and did a great job. The photo on the left we were looking directly into the sun, with a harsh reflector. This style reminds me of what you might see on a bikini shoot, and Lillian totally pulled it off.

Take a close look at the picture on the right, then look at my last couple of posts. See anything familiar? :)


If the video is not showing, you can see it here:

There were so many great pictures. I just posted the ones I could talk about. To see all the pictures from the shoot click Here, the direct link is:

-Jonny Carroll

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Anonymous said...

Love the 'bikini shoot' style photo - looks awesome!