Monday, May 25, 2009

Claire Bridals

Claire was wonderful to work with. The first picture was her choice for the large print at her wedding. Not a typical bridal, and I love it. I met Claire and Greg as guests at another wedding I was shooting last year. Then met with them in person, took their engagement photos, her bridals and their wedding this past month, I feel like we've become friends beyond just a client-photog relationship. Additionally, Claire's sister has become on of my good friends and will actually be a bridesmaid for Sarah in our wedding next month.


-Jonny Carroll

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Caitlin Seniors

Caitlin is in the same graduating class as I was.
We both graduated from UNT yesterday.

The colors were extremely strang on this day. It was the day where there were all those fires west of town. The sky was orange and it was really windy. I think we were able to manage it alright. My fill flash made things really blue due to the off white balance day, so I didn't use it ofter. You can tell in some shots, but no biggy.

We had a lot of fun at her ranch. I even got to ride her horse. I love my job.

-Jonny Carroll
Carroll Portraits

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring Break Snowboarding

I took a snowboarding road trip with three friends over spring break. Yes, that was March, but these photos were not on my top priority list. And waiting for the conclusion of the Dallas Mavs - Denver Nuggets NBA western conference semi-finals series... I wanted to hold off showing my love for the city and state. See some of the photos below.

Self-Timer photo. That me to the far left, then Ryan aka "Fup", Nick and David. Cadillac Ranch. Amarillo, TX

We drove and then hiked to the top of a Volcano in New Mexico. Breathtaking view.

Arrived in Denver. We stayed at Jennifer's house. A good friend from our high school days. This is Jaxson, her little boy.

We made our usual stop at the Original Chipotle in Denver. They gave us a tour. Here we are in the basement signing our names, with permission of course.

Fup on the slopes. We didn't pull the camera out too much while boarding. Shame on us.

We did however build a mini-ramp at night for a photo-op. This was a full group effort, but mostly by Ryan. haha.

It was a bad idea. really dark, really icy. Fup went down early, so I didn't get a chance to shoot him. This is me, photo by nick, with my makeshift strobe set up. We were happy enough to call it quits after this shot.

Fup did however get to show his skills for the camera on our way home via kick scooter.

In his hardcoreness, he then proceeded to break the scooter. Fup, you still owe me one! haha.

-Jonny Carroll

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jamie and Philip

Denton, TX
Faith Tabernacle Church

Tying the knot, naturally.

the ladies

The men.

I always love photos where you can see the behind the scenes. This photo is by Charlie, my second shooter/assistant, below is the photo I took.

"Scream, you're getting married"


-Jonny Carroll

PS: In other news, I graduate this week from the University of North Texas with a B.A.S. , age 22. I also majorly updated my wedding services and portfolio. Yes, I will continue to shoot as a full time career.

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