Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mark and Christie Engagement

Mark and Christie engagement photos at the Denton square. They were a fun couple to work with, Mark is an Executive Pastry Chef,, and Christie is a Nurse.

And the closing fountain shot followed by a classic fountain fight. Gotta love a couple willing to get wet, the way I see it, if they can put up with me for a couple hours, they can surely put up with each other for the rest of their lives. Just Kidding. Pretty sure this was actually Christie's idea.

-Jonny Carroll

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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Island - Horn Brother's Roofing

I took aerial photos for horn brother's roofing. This is The Island in Austin, Texas on Lake Travis. Horn brother's repaired the roof.

These pictures were taken last month, so the grass was still not green. You can see the original photo below. This is an example of my beautification service. We can make winter look pretty!

And then a few more up detail photos.

-Jonny Carroll

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Monday, April 19, 2010

UNT Photo Club at Old Alton Bridge

The UNT photo club is something I had the privilege of being a part of during my years there. I love what photo clubs offer to folks trying to learn more about the art and simply just network. I was recently honored to be asked by the Dallas Photo Club to judge their photo competition. I'll be the youngest judge they've ever had. hehe.

Anyway, while I'm not part of the UNT club anymore, because well I'm not a student, I still try to get out and hang out with them when I get the chance. This was at the Old Alton Bridge, aka the haunted goat man bridge to locals.

First up, my wife Sarah. She's naturally very used to having her picture taken and has become quite the model, not to mention being in the best shape of her life. She posed for the group for a bit, and I'm not ashamed to brag on how pretty she was.

Next model up, Alyssa. She was pretty awesome as well. We used a reflector for fill.

This is what it's like having to model for the club. There's 5 more people not even shown in this picture.

Despite my plea to stick around for the golden hour, everyone headed out except Sarah and I. In their defense, they were there a lot longer than us. The area is really peaceful and pretty, so it wasn't so bad being alone out there. Here's a few more after that point.

Another good day with the UNT photo club.

-Jonny Carroll

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kayla and Joey

Kayla and Joey were fun to shoot with. Joey is a Helicopter Pilot so we have plenty to talk about. Kayla just continued to look stunning and put up with us as we put the shoot on hold to watch any helicopter that flew over head. haha.

It was a good shoot. These were all at or neat the downtown Denton square. You can see the courthouse between the pillars in this last photo. I look forward to shooting their wedding next month.

-Jonny Carroll

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kellie and Cameron Wedding

Kellie and Cameron's wedding was a blast. I photographed this wedding back in December, but it's just now making it's way to the blog. In fact I have many blog posts I'll be catching up on very soon. I was lucky enough to photograph Kellie's bridals. She's just stunning and one heck of a singer too.

The girls got ready at the Hyatt Hotel at DFW airport.

The guys: at the church.

A great wedding. A special thanks to Sarah and Tre for their help on the day.

-Jonny Carroll

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Andrew Corp - New Jersey.

Earlier this year I made a trip out to New Jersey for a photo shoot. It was a great experience. The photos were for the annual report for Andrew Corp.

I never know what to call these kinds of photos. They're not quite head shots and they just don't fit what I seem to think portraits are. Maybe executive or commercial portraits. I don't know. On a side note is was great to visit the north east. It's still the US, but it's like a whole other world. I was feeling special to be flown out there, but then just very humbled by the enormous amount of people and businesses and trees, and just how insignificant I and we all really are.

-Jonny Carroll Photography

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