Thursday, June 5, 2008

CDI contractors

Promotional pictures for CDI contractors, who built these structures. I also took some aerial photographs for them. The three posted are of the atriums of hotels for consitancy, but I shot multiple "rooms" in the hotels, along with other structures.

Embassy Suites - Frisco, Texas

This may have not been exactly what they were looking for, but I did my fair share of playing around, and gave them a wide variety of pictures and panoramas. Above was my favorite from the shoot.

Prava Suites - Dallas, TX

Formerly the Hilton suites, yeah, that caused some major confusion when I had to make all the phone calls to the hotel managers and such. The Hilton suites had never heard of CDI, and could only assume I was a terrorist trying to take photographs. - that may be an exxageration

Renaissance Hotel - Richardson, TX

Now, I love what I do, weddings and portraits, etc. But I will say this was a nice change in type of photography job, no directing people how to stand, no special lighting, no high operation costs, and got to use a tripod and bump the f-stop way up :) mmm.

see more pics here.

-Jonny Carroll

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1 comment:

justintennison said...

Nice shots.

I did my first of this kind of job today, and I agree with you about the low pressure part being a relief.

It ended up being an exhausting day anyway, trekking around downtown Dallas for 5 or 6 hours.

Hope you had a good birthday.