Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Carolyn Birthday Shoot

Carolyn was just great to work with, very relaxed and just a natural at this. Originally from Plano, TX, Carolyn plays soccer for The University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has a full ride there and has been proving why this season. I was lucky enough to see her play a game at PESH, (Plano East) my senior year when she was a freshman.. I think she scored three goals alone that game.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Carolyn as a athlete model in tons of magazines one day. I just hope she suggests her favorite photographer!

-Jonny Carroll
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ben and Cassie Mayer

Ben and Cassie just brought their sweet child, Corbin into the world this week. Here are some maternity photos I took of them at the studio. This was one of the first really genuine studio shoots. The shoot was originally planned outdoors but rain forced us inside, and with the due date a week away, we figured postponing wasn't an option.

Check out some of their pics:

A great shoot at my Aubrey / Little Elm, Texas studio with Ben and Cassie.

-Jonny Carroll

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

snow bunny shoot - warning:moderate content images

Dallas has seen record snowfall this winter. Our weather is bipolar and completely unpredictable. I personally like it. Snow is so unique to this area and me that I just had to get out and shoot in it. Adrian answered the facebook status model call. She was quite a trooper.





All in all a great shoot. She looks comfortable in these photos, but we were both freezing.

-Jonny Carroll

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prince of Peace

Prince of peace is a private school and church in Carrollton, Texas. Shown below is their new fine arts building. I took both interior and exterior structural architecture shots of the new building. These were just a few of my favorites.

I made sure to go out on a day with great clouds for the exterior shots. I can't emphasize the importance of clouds enough. They make and break a photo. Of course time of day is even more crucial. This building would be in shadow in the morning hours.

Here's the interior of the auditorium.

-Jonny Carroll

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Swisher Bridge

Sorry for the lack of updates. Things are getting fast paced again. Hard to complain, but the blog does get put on the back-burner a bit when clients need their photos.

I got the privilege of taking these photos for Jensen Construction Company, who built the new toll bridge that runs over lake lewisville. What's neat about this, is with my new house location, I take this bridge quite frequently now.

I took pictures of this bridge while is was under construction for ATS Drilling. This company found me thought them, which was pretty neat.

The project was on hold for a little while, as they had engineering issue with the lights under the arc, but everything has been worked out now, and the night pictures are beautiful. They will be posted shortly.

A good job.

-Jonny Carroll

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