Friday, March 27, 2009

half a month later

"blog"? what's that...

I had a shoot with a girl I worked on a film with years ago: Stephanie Smith
it was a really windy day and freezing, so we had to move indoors. nothin' we couldn't overcome. we found a storage unit and a model home, and got permission to shoot at both. haha.

more updates coming soon. Life and work has been fast pace. Not complaining, just making excuses.

-Jonny Carroll

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shreveport for Business

I had a last minute aerial job fall on me and made the best of it. The location was near Shreveport, LA, so it would've been a long flight from Dallas. I quickly realized I knew a commercially licensed pilot in Shreveport who happens to be there training someone how to fly a R-44 right now.

The r-44 is a four seater, so I called up my best friend, Chopper, (name has no relation to helicopters), and he made the road trip with me, he also flew in a helicopter for the first time. ...and with this particular pilot, is quite a thrill!

That's him the foreground, I'm in the back seat with the door off.


Here is what we were photographing. All those trucks are pumps, to pump out hydrocarbons.

To prospective clients: You're always welcome to ride along on a photo flight! It does require this particular helicopter as opposed to the smaller 2 seaters. Ask us about rates!

-Jonny Carroll

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Eye candy"

At least that's what the ladies on facebook are calling it. haha. The reaction to when he made this his profile picture was one heck of a reaction from the females. Sorry Brandon, I just don't see what they see, but then again, it might be weird if I did.

Brandon Coots is an old friend of mine. We lived in the same dorm freshman year of college and then ended up in the same Linguistics class. Coots, as everyone calls him got these head shots to sumbit to an agency for acting and modeling. We got him a good variety, these were some of my favorites. Best of luck to him.

Sorry for not updating in so long. I can't even begin to describe how busy it's been. I'm not complaining, I'd rather be busy than bored, but it's sometimes hard to make time for the blog.

I have a pretty hefty countdown coming up. 1 week until my snowboarding/ photography road trip, 2.5 months until graduation, 3 months until my nephew is born, 3.5 months until my and Sarah's wedding!

-Jonny Carroll

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