Thursday, January 28, 2010

Favorites of 2009

Every January, I'm starting to make a little facebook album with some of my favorites from the prior year. With every opportunity I try to push the envelope, learn more and tweek technique. I'm always trying to improve and even diversify. Because of this, looking back through a year is so fun for me, and I can really see how I've improved, how my style has changed and even pick up old techniques. I thought I'd better make a post before January ended.

Choosing two photos for this post was difficult. I chose this as my portrait to feature because of how captivating it is. Her eyes really draw me in. What I see is sexy but innocent, vulnerable but independent, relaxed and comfortable but confident.

And the lighting set up was extremely simple. None, if I remember correctly (maybe a fill card). Just a perfect natural ambient time of day. I use strobes a lot and it's good to see a successful photo without ever so often.

This shoot was special to me because 2008 was full of sports and journalism, and 2009 hardly had any. This took my growing aerial business which is expanding to all of Texas to Houston and combined it with an NCAA event. Throw in a helicopter with vibrations, FAA regulations, night time and a football game and you've got one heck of a challenge. I loved it.

You can see there entire best of 2009 album on facebook.

-Jonny Carroll

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