Sunday, January 3, 2010

Studio Day

Before you judge, my new years resolution is to catch up and keep up with this blog. With that said, just over two months ago on halloween, I had an open studio day. The idea was for people to stop by and get some pictures in their halloween outfit. Worked great, except not many people came in costume. Either way, it was a fun day and a good way to break in the studio.

Here are some of my favorites:

Macey. Macey's sister is Adrian who is shown in a photo below. I've had a couple shoots with Adrian in the past, she's fun, pretty and not camera shy. Macey was a little more shy, but rocked it.

Speaking of rocking it, Andrea did too.

Katie, who came dressed as her grandma. We actually recreated a photo of her grandmother in a similar outfit with similar lighting as a gift for her mother. It was pretty neat, and then she stuck around for some fun shots.

Brad. I love this action shot. Brad is also a photographer. Mostly a video guy and we've worked on stuff together. Him and his girlfriend, Emily came by along with their roommates Charlie and Amanda.

Alexis came in costume, that's for sure. Well, she actually changed into costume. We had a fun shoot in her sexy french maid outfit.

Here's Adrian who I talked about above with Macey. Pretty sisters.

These were all taken at my in-home studio just north of Frisco, TX in Little Elm.
Thanks to everyone who came. Sorry to those others who aren't in the post, I still love you.

-Jonny Carroll

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Jackie Sanders said...

what a cute face! i love you on that french maid costume! gorgeous!