Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sarah and AJ

Sarah and Aj were a great couple. Sarah kept up with me on facebook (or stalked me, either way) and wanted to take advantage of my holiday discounts.

The shoot was in Denton, TX at the square. Always a great location and a place they loved.

The day was pretty cold. Really cold actually. They were pretty tough about it, but we certainly had no shortage of hugging to keep warm shots, which are always the cutest.

We made our way to the sunlight.

Then out of the wind.

We seemed to like purple this day mostly because Sarah was wearing purple, so wondered over to the purple building. But in editing I found it prettier as a blue-purple.

We joked how this was the 'cleavage shot'. If we can be honest for a second, we can all admit that in moderation it is visually appealing in photographs, so if you can work it, why not? After all, I don't think AJ minded, lol.

And of course the romantic sun-poke-through silhouette shot. A great way to end a great shoot. Although I'm pretty sure they ended it with some warm JJ's pizza on the square, which is also a great ending.

-Jonny Carroll

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