Sunday, January 24, 2010

Never Tapped Out

I took pictures of the 'Never Tapped Out' T-shirts. These were started by Jim Carroll, a christian professional poker player.. of all people, haha.


The idea is that Jesus never tapped out. In the midst of all his bodily pain and suffering, betrayal and humility, he both predicted and willfully chose that path in our place, replacing our penalty for our sins (evilness).. only to rise from the dead and conquer sin.  'Christians' or true christians anyway (harder to come by in the bible belt) believe that through Jesus's/God's grace we were saved from damnation. A pretty neat belief, one that I believe and truly try to live my life by every day. Although I'm no stranger to falling way short of the glory of God... we all are.


Anyway, enough preaching. The purpose behind the shirts is not to look cool or boast. (by the way..boasting that you're a christian is like boasting that you wore diapers as a child and relied on your parents to clean up your waste). But the idea is to spark conversation with someone who might ask about the shirts. Whether it be at a poker table, dinner table or where ever. As a true christian, the opportunity to share the Gospel (the good news of mankind's salvation) is a blessing from God. I personally want everyone I know to feel the love I feel from the Lord. Hence this rather 'religious' post. If you want to know more, please ask.

If you want a t-shirt, I believe you can get them free with shipping. They operate on donations.
Go to:

-Jonny Carroll

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