Tuesday, December 15, 2009


First blog post of December. Wow, sorry. The holidays are always a busy time for some photographers, and I'm fortunate to be in that situation, especially with the current economy. I'm so greatful and praise God to have such a wonderful job and people like you who make it possible. While I'll only blog about 25% of my shoots, I'm still lagging way being on blog posts currently.

With that said, I'll catch way up and make a statement that will make me ahead, rather than behind, for the first time in my photography blog's history. You ready?

New Years resolution:
To blog more often and to keep the online community, friends, fans in the loop on multiple venues: twitter, facebook, my blog and etc.

And because it would be just rude to have a post on a photo blog and no photo, here you go. This was from Monday while on an aerial shoot. A demolished Reunion Arena in Dallas, TX

-Jonny Carroll

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Sarah Carroll said...

I plan to blog more often, too!

Love you!