Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Same lightning strike, two angles, two strangers.

I came across this photo on facebook today, never blogged about it, and had to.

At the time this was taken, March 2007 I believe, was one of my first lighting photo shoot outings. The other photographer Charlie Mcrae, did not know me, nor did I know him. He found my photo online somewhere and sent me a message saying he had the same strike. Now Charlie and I are good friends, he shoots weddings with me, and we grab lunch ever so often. How cool is that!?!

-Jonny Carroll

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phlezk said...

it's friggin epic

Thorpe said...

Soulmates destinies, bound by the strike of a lighting bolt. lol Ok, that actually is pretty cool. haha

elizabethcarroll said...

That is just incredible!

jonnydonut said...

Hear that Charlie. It was fate that we meet. Come to think of it, you might not even be living in the house you're in had we not taken this photo at the same time. Crazzzy.

tony gallucci said...

this is stunning . . . and i'm curious whether you guys have triangulated somewhat the different angles you might have been at relative to the strike . . . and whether the slight differences in the strike pics are due to microseconds of difference in the capture, or due to parallax . . . i suspect the real answer is ungettable, but cool to think about . . . wonderful photos too, even outside the amazing serendipity . . .

phlezk said...

tony: yes we discussed our location during the strike

jonny: you might be right about that! though I think I would have joined photo club anyway, haha.