Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year and a New Identity

First, you might notice the new design of the blog. It's actually a whole new jdonut design, which includes my smugmug purchasing and proof gallery.

I now also now have DTXphoto.com. That site will focus on commercial photography, while Jdonut will now be more of a parent company to DTX and it's other affiliates. They've all come together under Jdonut.

Also shown in the top banner, they are:

(Jdonut Photography, LLC - the 'parent' company)

(People and Portrait Photography in Denton / Frisco, TX

(aerial photo service covering all of Texas)

(but not just limited to Denton)

(Dallas Texas Commercial Photography)

Hope you like the new design, and the new DTX site. This will be the Jdonut blog, which will apply to all photography by Jonny Carroll. Other things to keep an eye out for this coming year: A new staff member, more frequent blog updates as well as other social networking photo uploads, such as facebook, flickr, and even twitter.

-Jonny Carroll


Sarah Carroll said...

Looks great! Love the new sites! :)

Elizabeth said...

It does look really great! Good job Jonny!