Thursday, December 31, 2009

Carroll Creations. and a new year.

My wife has gotten into sewing and cooking quite a bit. So for her Christmas present, I created my wife, Sarah a web-site / blog. The identity:

Which is meant to look like two letter C's
For Christmas she sewed a whole bunch of things for friends and family. So I bought sew-in tags also. Additionally, I've had been secretly photographing her meals, so she'd have post to make as soon as she gave it to her. She already has a couple posts, so go check it out. Her most recent post was a recipe for  blueberry sorbet.

Blueberry Sorbet

In other news, my new years resolution is to blog more. :)

-Jonny Carroll


Sarah Carroll said...

Thanks for the post! You did a great job on my site and I love blogging on it! :)

phlezk said...

that's a delicious photo sir