Monday, November 30, 2009

Stunting The Lot on street bikes.

A couple of my friends stunt on street bikes. I used to ride BMX with these guys. I finally got a chance to go out and see what they do. I even popped a wheelie of my own, but not quite like ones they were riding.

Before we could even get started:
The officer was very nice, and my friends very respectful. Turns out after 5 years of community stunting in this lot, the owners of the warehouse decided they didn't want it anymore. They were the first with the news.

I have respect for the guys who do this kind of riding in a warehouse lots as compared to on the highway, endangering other lives.

One the road again:

By the time we found another place, a vacant warehouse without trespassing restrictions the sun was down. This made photographing pretty difficult. I was still happy with the results however.

A fun night for sure!


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