Friday, August 29, 2008

washington state, the last post.

Sorry it took a while to get my last post up. After this, it's back to weddings, portraits, virtual tours, aerials, art, sports, etc. The trip was so great, I had a blast. I will say that it's nice to be back in Denton, Texas. One thing I will miss are scenes like this:

Three falls next to each other. These were quite larger than they look in the photos.

The tree on the left we saw while hiking. That's water vapor coming of the tree as a result of the sun.

above the cloud line..

The blue flowers resembled bluebonnets. Reminding me of home.

on that note, I'll leave ya'll with one last photo. Brady on top of beach logs taking a picture into the sunset.

yes, a jump!! To see all the high resolution images, order some prints, and even see some of the fun goofing around shots from the trip visit my online purchasing gallery, or to go directly to the Washington Album, just click HERE.

-Jonny Carroll

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Anonymous said...

Wow. These photos are unreal beautiful.