Saturday, August 23, 2008

Washing State trip - the coastline.

Washington's coastline is gorgeous.

First off, the west coast is not the typical beach I'm accustom to. The forest backs all the way to the edge of the continent. You have to hike to get there.

The beach is filled with logs torn away from the land by waves. Neat stuff, then there's the little rocky islands with greenery on top. It's like out of a movie.

Looking toward Canada, the north coast. A cloudy day, so you can't see the horizon. We experienced a lot of clouds and rainy weather. But the beach was still much more enjoyable than in the forest. This is my "desktop background shot".

Trees without green. This was weird to see. Of course, this is about 10 feet from the Pacific, that might have something to do with it.

This is at the most northwest point of the US, called cape flattery.

Sorry so many pictures in the post. I just loved the beach/coast area so much. It was nice to get away from the rain for a little while, and the sand was super soft.

-Jonny Carroll

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saykay said...

don't apologize for the pictures, they are wonderful! :) I love the one of the trees without green... and all the rest.


elizabethcarroll said...

This makes me really excited to be visiting the Portland coast so soon! I think the beaches are pretty similar at the places we're going. Thanks for sharing so many pictures - they are gorgeous!