Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Washing State trip - wildlife

I've never gotten into wildlife as much as I've wanted to. I love shooting it, most of my stuff are images I've stumbled upon.

Olympic national park is known for it's elk, yet I never saw one. On the other hand, I seemed to find an abundance of black tailed deer.

These are all in different locations. on the left and shown below are two fawns (spelling?).

They were fun to watch, and it was interested to watch the mom's reaction to me getting closer and closer (mom not shown). They were not shy at all if you approached slowly and calmly.

now, at the coast line. I don't know birds very well. These were enormous black birds, perhaps ravens? This one is eating a washed up crab. :)

now, each of these three images shown along are nice, but shown together and you start to wonder.. "did that jerk photographer run toward them with him camera to get a picture of them flying off". the answer is "yes". they only flew in a circle and landed about 10 feet from where they started, harmless.

just a little critter. there were lots of squirrels there, but they were all about half the size of the one's in Texas. You know what they say though "everything's bigger in texas". certainly applies for squirrels.

I shot images of this bald eagle swooping down and stealing a fish from a seal, knocking the seal off a log into the water. amazing. The pictures aren't any good because they're so far from the action, but after careful analysis, Brady (my friend who came along on the trip) and I came to this conclusion.

Does Braden count as wildlife?..

-Jonny Carroll

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Thorpe said...

Looks like you had an awesome time on your trip. Don't you love it when you get to visit a place where everywhere you look is a cool photo? Its amazing what you can find outside North Texas. lol