Monday, August 25, 2008

washington - mt rainier in infrared

Mount rainier is a beautiful place, if you ever can go, go. Waterfalls and greenery everywhere, glaciers, wildlife, the works. Those posts to come. The image below is taken in infrared.

This is a screen capture from the editing program I use. This shows a nice variety of images some with IR. I'll list them for those interested.

top 3- All normal shots. just me composing
img #16 - an IR image, auto white balance.
img #17 - a normal image
img #18 - a custom white balance IR shot.
(vegetation is white in IR, this is your white source)
img #19 - normal shots converted to black and white
img #20 - IR shot, converted to black and white

I'm fond of this shot. At the beginning of the trip, I avoided having man-made objects in my nature shots, but decided to start implementing them in. That small little fence adds a factor into the image that makes me want to be there, standing on that ledge. It creates a more personal feeling for me.

This was my favorite IR shot from the trip. I didn't shoot any infrared until the last day. Shame on me. This is a little lake, just south of mount rainier. The water was ripply, but the slow shutter makes it smooth and reflective. fun stuff.

-Jonny Carroll

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