Wednesday, April 30, 2008

mose EXPOSED fashion show

Shot a fashion show last week (4-22-08). This was a non-commissioned shoot, so with no pressure, I thought I'd play around a bit with lighting. In addition, this was my first time to use 4 wireless flashes at once, kind of what motivated me to go. I was pretty excited. This post gives a small breakdown of it.

Here's me playing with rainbows. The left was from a tungsten back light. the right is one of my strobes. I figured out how to make the rainbow refraction with the stationary light, then transferred that to the strobe. I found several people like the right one. These are cool, but not my favorite, just fun.

This particular one is my favorite. You might notice the lights on above her. The room lights came on for some mysterious reason during one "line" of walks. I liked the lights personally, after quickly making some adjustments I was able to make some nice captures. Then the overhead lights shut off again. While a girl (Lauren) was walking down the runway. A little unorganized, but what ya gonna do.


Shutter was at 1/200. I was using ebay (cactus triggers), so I couldn't go much faster. F-stop, 2.8 pretty much the whole time, and the ISO fluctuated, I tried to keep it below 400.

4 flashes. 3 high wattage tungstens. The flashes were not gelled. This was not on purpose. The video guys brought in these lights 10 minutes before the show started and I was in the back. Nevertheless, it worked out fine. The 2 flashes in the "back" were at 1/16th power, the two behind me at 1/4th. all bouncing off the ceiling. Two tungstens behind me, one in the "back".

The 16mm shot on the left shows the set up a little. The different color temperatures of lights is very obvious in this picture, but it's not so horrible of an effect. It might come across as amature to an experienced strobist, but looks cool to the general public (asked around). The right shot was my ideal walking shot.

VIDEO mose EXPOSED show stills:

direct link for the non-embed RSSers

what? a jump after all that. Yes, click here or visit the URL below to see my facebook album of 60 pics from the show. The video pretty much covers it tho.

-Jonny Carroll

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