Sunday, April 20, 2008

animoto videos.

This site is pretty amazing. It makes videos for you, and uses a heck of a lot of AI to do so. You can play around and make unlimited free 30 second videos, or pay a small fee and make full length ones. I decided to make a full length for $3.

As most of you know, I'm a professional photographer, so to really test this site, I chose my smugmug album "family easter 2008", a collection of photos of my family hunting eggs. Potential for major bordom, but it wasn't. See for yourself!

for the RSS users:

not so bad huh?

Check it out. They have a Referral program too!. If you sign up, use this code cxghzfwk to get $5 off the full service, and to get me three free months! 30 second videos are free!

again. $5 off with this code: cxghzfwk

-Jonny Carroll

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Joe said...

Hey Jonny,

I REALLY LOVE the song! Who is the artist that sang this song?? Is it Daddy's the Engine?? because I tried iTune and Amazon, they are nowhere to be found.....

jonnydonut said...

huh. Yep that's it. try buying it from ...