Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Strangers and a studio.

Last week was NT Preview. Where potential freshman come and check out the school. Being president of the UNT Photo Club, I decided might as well grab a table and promote the club. It was me and David Wixom holding up the fort. We set up a little studio and offered free pictures to anyone, having no idea what we would get.

Some pictures were a lot of fun to take. I might even have to add a few to the portfolio, but I don't have model releases so I'm not sure if I can. We got a fun mixture of different kinds of people. Usually parents wanted pictures, and the kids wanted nothing to do with it, cept to learn about the club and look through the pictures we had on display.

This particular image was my favorite. Their clothing is completely unsaturated, and their two different skin tones mix beautifully.

to see more pics from NT preview click Here, or the direct link below to the facebook album

-Jonny Carroll

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