Friday, July 18, 2008

Hey look, sunflowers

and a yellow polka dotted bug.

These are one of the best things about North Texas summers.
While all the other plants die from heat, lack of water, pollution or whatever goes on in North Texas, these bad boys just eat up the sun and grow tall.

Now, I'm pretty sure these are not real 'sunflowers' (Beth help me out) but the name still seems to fit for me. Either way, they're beautiful and grow everywhere where I live. Sometimes you just have to look for them.

I shot these while on my way to photograph a property a 7am. The light was wonderful. For the relatively short amount of time I spent there, I feel like I got some great images. It was hard just narrowing it down to 5 for this blog. I chose 5 that I thought were all different from each other.

Next time your sitting in traffic, complaining, look out the window you might find something pretty. I even saw some of these growing taller than some cars on the loop 288 construction area in Denton, TX. That just goes to show how long it's been since they've done any construction work on that one area. haha. No JUMP for this post, sorry.

-Jonny Carroll

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elizabethcarroll said...

Love the pictures Jonny.

I'm not sure which wildflower this is, it may just be a variety of Texas Sunflower, but not a traditional one that will produce sunflower seeds at the end of it's lifespan. It is certainly related to the sunflower though! :)

elizabethcarroll said...

Oh and not all plants die during the summers, just the ones people plant that aren't native!

Silly people. Using all of their water to try and keep non native plants alive. :)

jonnydonut said...

oh cool, I can call it a sunflower.

Yeah well even the grass around here starts turning yellow brown. when you fly (in the city), you see how not lush the area is. Only right next to lakes it seems there's any green.