Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flew a helicopter

On an aerial photo shoot, I got the chance to man the controls of the helicopter. I flew us there, and flew us back. It was so cool. I was terrified and excited. David Brocklehurst was my pilot. He's a cool guy.



From flying so much, I knew what the controls did, and between racing motocross and producing virtual tours I have a good understanding of how roll, pitch, yaw and acceleration effect an airborn object. What I didn't know however was how difficult it would be. I have a new respect for those pilots who fly me around, especially those who can fly OGE for me.

These were still frames from a video documentary that Brad and I are putting together. Documentary video post coming soon!

-Jonny Carroll

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internetjason said...

wow, that's freaking cool

and you're a big jerk for getting to do it!

elizabethcarroll said...

Wow, that's pretty awesome. I would have been terrified. Jason's just ridiculously jealous that you got to do that and he didn't. :)

saykay said...

That seriously is so awesome. You're so cool. :)