Saturday, May 17, 2008

Playing with gels

my poor dog rocket has been flashed so many times. He's the usual subject for my strobe testing. Last week it was with gels. This is with a red gel on the right, and green on the left, I turned the vibrance down really far. The colors don't make sense at all, but i like the shot. I tried playing with complimentary colors on either side. Learned quickly, that doesn't look good.

However, complimentary colors foreground-background do look good. When I get some more time, I'm going to play more with this manipulation of color temperture. And on a human. Rocket's just so easy, he's always around. I just grab a treat and tell him to stay. He stays interested and still for a short 10-15 minutes, then i have to give it to him, or he'll walk away.

-Jonny Carroll

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