Monday, July 12, 2010

MOSE show 2010

The mose show is put on every year at UNT. They're a great group and always happy to have me out shooting their show. I didn't make last years, so I was happy to make it out this year.

First up we have Kellye, who some call a perfect 10. I can see why they think that, she rocked the night and her outfits for sure.

Monde was great as well. She has just the most beautiful skin tone.

Lauren is always a blast to work with, I see her around quite a bit, we've even had a one on one photoshoot together. Just a fantastic model. You can see I changed my lighting set up here. It's fun to switch things up.

But perhaps my favorite model of the night was Kendyl. I have what you might call a "photographer's crush" on her. I just want to photographer her more. Don't take that the wrong way, it happens with children, animals and even buildings.

And Jerome to salute us farewell, also to prove there were guys there too. :)

Here's a post from the 2008 Mose Show:
Can you beleive I've been blogging over two years?!? cool

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