Saturday, July 10, 2010

Commscope Portraits

Here are some executive photos I did for Commscope in Richardson, TX.  You might also know Commscope under the name Andrew Corp or Systimax. They are a great company. This is a high executive, Ted Hally. He was great to work with and was able to dedicate almost 30 minutes out of his day for us, which was wonderful. His time is very valuable.

Here I have a four light set up. On Ted I have two flashes: 430ex's either side with umbrellas. Camera left is at 1/4th and camera right at 1/8th. In the back I have a flash hitting the guy in orange from the left with umbrella at 1/16th power. The I have the color kicker, a flash just behind the left monitors with a blue gel and cap diffuser set at 1/4th power.

Here I used a green gel. These highly protected servers were neat, but not too photogenic. The green backlight made them come alive and gave the photo a very techy industry look.

They originally didn't want to shoot in this room because of how it looked with the ambient lighting, but I talked them into it and we were both thrilled with the result. In fact, so thrilled that they flew me out to New Jersey to shoot another executive. Pretty neat.

-Jonny Carroll

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