Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hawaii, Hawaii

My last big trip was about a year ago, Sarah and I went to Hawaii for our honey moon. It was fantastic. We just returned from our 1 year anniversary trip to Yellowstone National Park. I figured, I'd better make a post about our last trip before I make any uploads or posts about yellowstone, right?!

Here we are on a small plane flying from one island to another. Many of you know how much I love aerials. This is one of my favorites. I love where we are in relation to the cloud line and I love seeing that very defined volcanic crater. Very cool

This was where I played golf. Gorgeous. I walked it the morning prior for these photos.

Then we took a helicopter ride. .. naturally. This is an active volcano.

That's the magma flow. You can see some lava down there. So cool.

Here's the flow dumping into the ocean.

Some amazing waterfalls.

broken ship underwater


hula dancers, my favorite!

Macros and tons of pretty flowers:

Our resort.


old lava tubes now caves.

night time lava. This is the same place the aerials were taken of the massive steam clouds from the ocean.


proghorn in hawaii, not sure how they got there. Def not native. 

Black sand beaches

closed beaches.


mixed beautiful beaches.

Hard to think this trip could be topped... but just wait for yellowstone photos!!!
hope you enjoyed.

-Jonny Carroll

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