Monday, April 19, 2010

UNT Photo Club at Old Alton Bridge

The UNT photo club is something I had the privilege of being a part of during my years there. I love what photo clubs offer to folks trying to learn more about the art and simply just network. I was recently honored to be asked by the Dallas Photo Club to judge their photo competition. I'll be the youngest judge they've ever had. hehe.

Anyway, while I'm not part of the UNT club anymore, because well I'm not a student, I still try to get out and hang out with them when I get the chance. This was at the Old Alton Bridge, aka the haunted goat man bridge to locals.

First up, my wife Sarah. She's naturally very used to having her picture taken and has become quite the model, not to mention being in the best shape of her life. She posed for the group for a bit, and I'm not ashamed to brag on how pretty she was.

Next model up, Alyssa. She was pretty awesome as well. We used a reflector for fill.

This is what it's like having to model for the club. There's 5 more people not even shown in this picture.

Despite my plea to stick around for the golden hour, everyone headed out except Sarah and I. In their defense, they were there a lot longer than us. The area is really peaceful and pretty, so it wasn't so bad being alone out there. Here's a few more after that point.

Another good day with the UNT photo club.

-Jonny Carroll

DTX Photography

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