Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Andrew Corp - New Jersey.

Earlier this year I made a trip out to New Jersey for a photo shoot. It was a great experience. The photos were for the annual report for Andrew Corp.

I never know what to call these kinds of photos. They're not quite head shots and they just don't fit what I seem to think portraits are. Maybe executive or commercial portraits. I don't know. On a side note is was great to visit the north east. It's still the US, but it's like a whole other world. I was feeling special to be flown out there, but then just very humbled by the enormous amount of people and businesses and trees, and just how insignificant I and we all really are.

-Jonny Carroll Photography

Dallas Aerial Photographer
DTX Dallas commercial photographer


Anonymous said...

Nice..Was that a gelled green on the bottom image, or lights from the equipment. I really like that image. And I think you might call them environmental portraits.

jonnydonut said...

Yes that green is a gel on a speedlight. I used a 4 light set-up. That's good that you thought it could be ambient, makes me happy as that's what Joe McNally stresses makes good lighting.

Environmental portraits, good name. It also makes me think of like a cheetah face or something tho. haha.

Job Ruzvidzo said...

lol cheetah face? well we are artists, so there you go. I really like that image, and you didn't overstress the light. I am also thinking of scaling down to speedlites (currently using a full strobe set) for portability - any suggestions on the speedlites? thanks...

jonnydonut said...

I love them. The portability is great. I just use speedlights with pocketwizards. Pretty simple set up. If you'd ever come visit me, I could show you!