Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Helicopter Night Vision

Aviation Photography is one of my favorite genres. An area I'm very excited to be breaking into.

These are promo editorial pictures of the first Schweizer helicopter to have night vision technology. This shoot involved a lot of strobist work which of course made it even more exciting.

I have two strobes here. A 430ex at 1/64th power with a green gel covered by a small plastic diffuser on the ground by my pilot's (Dale's) feet. This is what's illuminating his face green. The panels were not nearly that strong. Then I have a second strobe next to me at 1/4th power shooting through my green t-shirt and white sweater. This is just enough to light his arm and side of the helmet.

I used my brother, Jason Carroll, who was assisting me on the shoot, as a model for this photo. He's shown on the right.

Some of these shots should be in the next Wing and Rotor magazine, so keep a look out.

-Jonny Carroll

Dallas, Texas Aerial Photography
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Jason Carroll said...

Pretty awesome stuff, bro. Keep up the good work and always feel free to use me as an assistant or stand-in pilot model, lol :)