Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fill lighting indoors.

The importance of lighting a room.

The top image is obviously preferred. There is nice soft white light coming from windows to the right which illuminates the bedroom, but misses the bathroom. The result is a yucky yellow looking bathroom. The fix: a couple wireless diffused flashes. I set up one to the left 1/4th power and one to the right at 1/2 power. For this shot I just used Canon speed light flashes trigger by pocket wizards. They were on light stands and shooting through umbrellas for a diffused effect. The trick was to match the strobe with a slow shutter speed to make the natural light and artificial light nearly equivalent.

Now in the final shot you have a nice white bathroom, and an even better lit bedroom. A shot that makes this hotel room even more appealing, and consequently the difference between amateur and professional shots.

-Jonny Carroll

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