Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Photo Club Studio Day

Joe has proven that blog posts about the UNT photo club events has been successful in spreading the word and even gaining members who do not go to UNT.

This month, along with numerous other events, we had a "studio day", where with what we had, I was able to teach just a little about lighting, although it turned from a tutorial to goofing around pretty quickly. That's just us. A goofy group.

shown is Matt Fagan with his broom and Nikon. We mostly shot pictures of each other.

however, some of the girls from the UNT dance team showed up for some photos. Shown to the left is UNT dancer, Holly. To the right is one of our most photogenic photo club members, Kayla with her Canon. We had a Nikon-Canon battle going on, ...one of you guys should sponsor us.

Here's some of the group. In the center is the president Brad, him and I are also the co-founders of the club. Now that I think of it, Brad is the most photogenic of the group. I'll spare my blog readers a gasp for air by not posting any pictures of him. His poses are lethal.

more info www.UNTphotoclub.com

-Jonny Carroll

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Brad Holt said...

Many have been left dead in my wake of poses. BEWARE!