Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The dancers are back

This time modeling for promotional pictures for Planet Tan, their big sponsor.

For you strobists who want to know. On this shot, I had a shoot-through umbrella 430EX II at 1/4th power on a stand actually just in front of me (to prevent my shadow) and raised to 6 feet + the mounts (the girls were about 5'7 I would guess). Then a strobe on the ground behind them shooting upward also at 1.4th to light the background and give that glow look.

This is Paige, a great dancer and a very respectful person. She's credited the most toward my ticket in to my role as the UNT dance team photographer. She's shown in a Versa. whatever that is.

I thought about turning on the tanner for a cool lighting effect, but then decided against it. I'll avoid cancer if I can. Just kidding ...I couldn't resist. I actually gelled the light inside the bed a slight orange to give it that warm "tan-like" glow, when those lights would probably actually give off a greenish tint. The warm color felt more right to me, and in all honestly, only professional photographers would probably pay attention to potential inconsistent color temperature.

Good shoot all in all.
More of the team team coming soon. yep. still more!

-Jonny Carroll

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elizabethcarroll said...

Oh Planet Tan . . .

Great shoot though, even if Planet Tan wouldn't be my #1 pick for a backdrop. You do what you can to raise money. . . :)