Monday, March 31, 2008

After a nightmare weekend, got myself a 1d mkII

So, I've been shooting with a Canon 20D and a 300D, both medium-low end professional dSRLs, but I've always believed glass is so much more important anyway, so that's where I've invested. That and remote lighting set-ups and such.

Welll, The 20D crapped out on me this weekend, during a wedding. Thank god I had the 300D there, (I swap between the two bodies with two different lenses). It was a horrible experience and that 300d (the original digital rebel) was a nightmare to shoot with in raw.
I pulled it off, and the client had no idea.

The good thing that came out of it, is that it forced me to step up my camera body. I bought a used 1d mkII from an old moto racing friend Aaron Remus. He gave me a sweet deal, but it was still a pretty good hit on the bank account. Either way, I'm excited. Now I gotta go get that 20D fixed.

-Jonny Carroll

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Anonymous said...

Cool. You're gonna love it. I was blown away when I went from a D80 to a D2H (which is even a pretty old pro body.) No turning back at this point.

I bet the 1D will make autofocus a dream with your high end lenses, too.

I used SoundSlides (the demo is a free download) for that project. I'm getting sick of telling lame stories while trying to get the mechanics down, but I guess you have to start somewhere.