Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm featured on for winning free chicken

So Brad Holt and I made the top ten finalists the national chick-fil-a's "Biggest Fan" video contest. We got 108 free coupons, a bunch of plush cows, calendar, t-shirts, bag, coffee mug, and more. The coolest part is that is that the university's PR did a story on us. You can see the story here:

The North Texas Daily did a article too, but not nearly as good.. and inaccurate. You can see it here:
Edit// The Denton Record Chronicle wrote an article also, they too only give me credit as an actor, but oh well: I'm just really stoked that the UNT featured us for Public Relations!

This is the video for those of you who are just dieing to see it:

Hope you enjoyed

-Jonny Carroll

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1 comment:

Joe said...

Wow Jonny,

really? You guys got a helicopter for the short 30 second video?? Wow, where did the budget come from??