Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mustang Technology Air to Air

I was hired to do both aerial photography and video for Mustang Technology. We ended up getting two helicopters to cover this. Alan was in one, I was in the other. We're focusing on that strange looking, box shaped radar on the left side, just behind the wing. The shoot was pretty amazing. It was actually in Feb, but I'm just now blogging about it, so sorry about that.


Filmed at Lake Texoma, Texas.

Video Pilot: Chris Creamer
Stills Pilot: Brenton Thomson
Caravan Pilot: Svein Tveitnes
Grip: Alan Farmer
Direction: Jonny Carroll
Still Photographer: Jonny Carroll
Editor: Lorraine Sherrill
Producer: Jonny Carroll with TXaerial
and Kevin Williamson with Mustang Technology

Special Thanks to:
Longhorn Helicopters
Grayson County Airport


Action Shots:

Making Of Video:

-Jonny Carroll

Dallas photographer
Aerial Photographer
DTX Dallas commercial photographer

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