Friday, June 11, 2010

Swisher bridge night

I took photos of the new Swisher Road toll bridge over lake Lewisville, Texas as it went up, for the drilling company and for the construction company: Jensen. I was also lucky enough to take completed photos. Day and night. See the construction and day shots in the JUMP below.

Night is a relative term. It's always best to shoot at twilight and mix in just a little bit of ambient light. It's a delicate balance, but beautiful when done right.

In our case, we had an absolutely beautiful sunset. Not only that, but I had my favorite pilot: Chris Creamer flying me. Slow shutter speeds in a helicopter are quite tricky as well. I was thrilled with the results. Here's more:

The really neat thing about this bridge is that I take it all the time from my home to pretty much anywhere west of DFW. It's very convenient.

Day shots of bridge
Construction photos of bridge

-Jonny Carroll

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