Sunday, May 2, 2010

Megan and Steven Wedding

Megan used to be a photographer's assistant in Dallas, I was thrilled and flattered that after working with some of the best in the industry and having a great deal of knowledge and skill in the art, that I was her first choice to photograph the most important day of her life.

The wedding was a blast to photograph. It was a very small and low-key wedding, in fact there was only one bridesmaid and one groomsman, no bouque or garter toss or . I was a little nervous that this would mean there would not be too many photo opportunities, but I couldn't have been any more wrong.

Here are the results of dedicating just a little bit of time to bride and groom shots. I love how these turned out, and at 12 noon, that's a hard time to shoot.

@ TWU's Little Chapel in the Woods and Hubbard Hall.

-Jonny Carroll

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Luigi | Postcard Printing Company said...

I love the last three photos. It's always nice to see a fun picture after the romantic ones. :) And oh! I love Megan's veil.