Saturday, February 21, 2009

massive UFO, metorite spotting Feb 20th in Dallas / Oklahoma

I'd say it was about 11pm, I should have noted the time. I saw a massive massive orange fireball streak through the sky. I was playing basketball with some buddies in East Plano, just north of Dallas and I saw it come from overhead last for a good three to four seconds heading north and then burnt up. It started as a streak, you could see it grow in size, light up large almost like an explosion and then it seemed to break into tiny lit up pieces. It was absolutely amazing. I can't find any information about it because there was just another fireball the other day that landed in the area, and all my search results lead to that. This one must have landed in Oklahoma, heck maybe even Kansas.

If anyone else saw this is has any news about it, please please comment. This is my photography blog, but this is the most public source of communication I have. I'm hoping someone else sees this who also saw the same asteroid on Feburary 20, 2009.

And because this is a photography blog, here's an UNRELATED astronomy photo of mine for ya.

unrelated photo by jonny

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Poppa-D said...

Sounds crazy - I saw something like that once camping in Sedona, AZ. I am a commercial photographer and recently visited Lowell Observatory. I asked if I could connect my camera to one of their telescopes and received a very emphatic 'no'. Ha ha - gotta ask though right?

jonnydonut said...

oh yeah, you gotta ask.

alanfarmer said...

I looked at this website, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary on that night...

jonnydonut said...

who, nothing on there. so if that wasn't an astroid, what in the world was it, because this was insane, not you're every day shooting star.