Sunday, January 25, 2009

Erik and Brandi improv e-session.

These are my college roommates. Yes, it's a little strange living with an engaged couple, but they're great roommates. I gave them a photoshoot in exchange that they take care of the lawn. haha. no joke.

We started with some 'in studio' shots, which happens to be the living room when fully set up.

Then we walked to the park. On the way, there's this swing in front of someone's house. We've all always wanted to swing on it. Brandi got to.

Yes, they have a dog, but this is not theirs. This was a dog we found at the park. And ultimately had to take home and put 'found dog' signs up.

The shoot wouldn't be complete without some backyard trampoline action. The shoot ended when the found dog, bit my dog, right after this photo.

-Jonny Carroll

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